About the project


UPDATE (1/18): Hi friends! I’ll still be posting stories set in bars here, but I’ll also be posting some good old fashioned non-themed writing of mine, too. Cool? Cheers!

About the Last Call stories:

I have always been inspired by the atmosphere in bars and pubs, clubs and lounges. As you’ll come to see, I really love dive bars and gay bars–places where a community forms, where people tell each other stories.

Last year, I started writing some flash fiction pieces–horror, mostly–whenever I went out for a drink or two. I’ve since read one on the radio, another for a reading series.

So, I decided I’d start a blog–a quasi-bi-weekly catalog of creepy little things set in the places I love around Brooklyn and Manhattan. Thus, Last Call was born.

Every other week, I’ll post a new short story here, set in a new bar. And then the following week, I’ll write a quick post about how that story came to be–a little “Behind the Scenes,” if you will.

If you like it, fix yourself a drink and follow along! I’ll always do my best to spook you, I promise. (The Last Call mascot, Dedd, promises too.)